We were back out riding in the Flatwoods this morning.  Yes, we were there about six-fifty and the third car in the parking lot but a couple more came before we hit the trail.  A group of serious bike racers seem to be there every time we are.  The humidity was murder but it was beautiful as usual with the mist hanging heavy among the trees.  Water from the torrential rains we got last night was over the path in a couple of places. One, which is known for being flooded, has a bridge off to the side that you can use to cross but we had to ride through the water at the Clay Pit.  I felt like a kid being naughty.  Homer saw a deer and a wild turkey but all the animals I saw today were a couple of those huge Georgia Thumper Grasshoppers and a big green frog.  I did hear something stomping through the woods breaking twigs but I could not see what it was.  Of course I didn’t hang around to look too closely in case it was a panther or a bear.  I don’t know if there are bears at Flatwoods but several people have said they’ve seen panthers.  The rangers did a control burn yesterday on the north loop and in a few places it still smelled like wood burning but for the most part it smelled earthy like pines, flowers and ragweed.  Today it took us two hours to do the eleven miles.  I was slower than usual, and I never go at a record breaking speed, but Homer was patient and never complained.  The main thing is we are doing it and if we get faster good and if we don’t we still get the benefit of exercise. We are both thankful that we have each other to share life’s experiences.  The world is full of lonely people.

I got the notice yesterday that my camera is being shipped back to me by UPS and should be here by the 10th.  That’s great because then I can take some pictures when we go riding.  But really when I’m there I should just concentrate on my exercise I guess.


2 responses to “BACK AT FLATWOODS

  1. Great news about your camera. I ride at the beach a lot. I always have my camera. Sometimes I get some shots. Sometimes, I don’t. Liked your shot here. Great job.

    • Hi, I replied to your comment yesterday but I’m not sure if I did it right. lol I’m old and new at this stuff. Anyway I went to Flickr and saw your photos. They’re great!! I love them. So while I was there I opened an account. I’ll try to add you as a friend if I can figure out how.

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