Many people think we don’t have season changes in Central Florida; not true.  Today I can feel the fall in the air as I sit on my back porch and watch the leaves on the huge Chinaberry trees dance in the breeze.  Ever now and then a leaf will drift down from the large Raintree that is almost ready to burst out in beautiful clusters of yellow flowers. (The picture above is of the tree in 2007 after the flowers had died and left, these almost like blossoms of seeds.)

     Yeah, I said back porch.  Now I know if you are from up north you would probably call it a patio.  But I’m from the south and it is a porch to me.

     This is my retreat; sitting out here in my glider, moving gently to and fro and watching nature as I think about the novel I’m writing.  True I should be inside at the computer but that’s another post. Now back to the subject.

     Yes, it is absolutely true, we have humidity so bad that at times in the summer when you step outside it feels like you just entered a sauna.  Those days sitting on the back porch is out of the question.  However, as fall eases its way in we will have  a drop in the moisture and it is down right pleasant out here.  I thank God for my privacy fence which blocks out the world and turns my back yard into a tropical oasis.  The cardinals and blue jays stop by to have a snack and refreshing drink then go on their way while our resident mockingbird serenades me from his hiding place in the huge oak tree that stands sentinel in the far back corner.  The squirrels scamper down to sneak some of the birds’ seeds then scurry up the trees where they jump from limb to limb searching for a perfect place to hide their loot and immediately forget where they stored it.  As a matter of fact, they have planted several flowers for me over the years; sunflowers seem to be their favorite.

     Soon fall will arrive in full and pass on to make way for winter around late December or January.  When the cold arrives we’ll have to wear heavy sweaters and build a fire in the pit if we want to sit out here.  And you might be surprised but we do have to pull out the jackets on some days but they are rare.

     So yes, Central Florida does have seasons but I suppose you have to live here for a while before you can recognize fall.

Thanks for stopping by I’ll catch you later.



  1. people say we don’t have seasons here in So Cal either. But those of us who live here know better. And if we really want seasons I can drive 30 minutes and be in snow during the winter months. Great post!

  2. Thanks, hope you stop by again soon.

  3. Seasons are as pronounced in Florida as they are in any other Southeastern state. The only problem is that most people view Florida through a Disney/South Beach/Key West lens. Those places have seasons too. But to find color change and possible snow (flurries) head to the Panhandle. Great blog!

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