Hey y’all, sorry that I’ve been gone so long. I was having trouble doing a new post because I changed my theme and I couldn’t find how to do a new post.  I finally  got it to be user friendly again.  WHEW!!! I will be careful when and if I change my theme again.
     The weather here in Florida was just perfect for hiking a couple of weeks ago.  My husband and I took advantage of it and hiked in the forest a couple of days for two hours each time.  We had a wonderful time.  However, the last day I stepped in a rut and turned my ankle and fractured my fibular.  That was bad enough.  But since one of my hobbies is photography I aways have my trusty Nikon along on our walks.  I got some great photos that I was pretty proud of but one of them happen to be poison ivy.  Yep, I thought the colors were nice and I stepped in poison ivy to get a picture.  It was so dumb because at the beginning of our walk the park had poison ivy signs posted.  Of course I did not know what it looked like but hey that’s no excuse.  Okay, so now my right fibular is fractured and the doctor put me in one of those huge lovely black boots that reminds me of Herman Munster and I’m using a cane.  Then my left leg starts itching and I notice a rash that starts with tiny blisters then turns to red bumps when the blister pops and of course spreads at the same time.  Then I remembered the Poison Ivy signs!  So I go out on the web and look up the rash and a treatment for it.  The web page said use calamine lotion and take Benadryl.  I did.  Oh Boy!  The rash spreads over my whole body and I don’t have enough hands to scratch every where it was itching.  First thing the next morning I call my doctor and rush to her office.  Can you believe that I am allergic to the dad blame Benadryl?  Yep!!  Only a few people are and I happen to be one of them.  Finally, she gave me a steroid that is giving me some relief and letting me get some sleep.
     I posted the picture just in case any of y’all decide to go hiking to take pictures in the forest.  STAY AWAY FROM THE POISON IVY.  The doctor said “If it has three let it be.”  Trust me that’s great advice.
     I’ll be back with more of “Farmer’s Daughter” when I quit feeling so dumb and itching.
Good night.  I’ll talk to y’all later right now I need to soak in an oatmeal bath.


2 responses to “POISON

  1. So far, so good when it comes to poison ivy. Haven’t been allergic to it when my body touches it.

    • That’s good for you and I’m glad to hear it. I guess I wasn’t for all these years and then I got it. hey, our body changes and I hope mine changes back to where I’m not allergic. lol
      Have a blessed day.

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