Published is Published, Right?

     I have two novels published by Publish America.  Now I know that you may hear all kinds of negative things about this particular publisher and you might ask me if they are true.  The truth is I could not tell you “yes” or “no.”  Why?  I will answer the best that I can; because one man’s truth is another man’s lie.  I can say that my relationship with Publish America was not my dream of what my relationship would be with my publisher and editor.  However, I did sale my books and I did make money.  Granted it was not as much as I dreamed of making when I first put pen to paper but it was on the positive side.  I will tell you that as far as I’m concerned they did nothing to help me promote the novels.  I had to do all the promoting, arranging book signings and speaking to small groups on my own.  However, if you believe in yourself and your novel strong enough you should be able to sale yourself.  It would have been much easier it they had put forth a little effort.  However, they chose not to.  I am currently working on a new southern drama and I will most definitely not accept a contract from them.  But I will thank them for the lessons I learned by going with them in the first place.  I did not have to spend one cent to get my novels in print and I did make money. So in my book published is published and it is better if someone else pays for the printing.



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