I have to wonder if I have writer’s block or if it is just that time of year.  I know that I’ve been busy with the holidays and Christmas shopping.  However, it seems I’m finding it hard to even start decorating for Christmas.  I’ve done most of my shopping and have almost everything wrapped.  But when it comes time to sit down and work on the manuscript I make all kinds of excuses for doing something else.  I know I have to be tough on myself and quit being lazy.  This novel will not get out there so others can enjoy it if I don’t write it.  I have the complete outline in my head but just can’t seem to get it on paper.  Okay, I promise tomorrow morning without excuse I will sit here and work for a minimum of two hours.  That should get the old juices flowing.

Have a blessed evening and thanks for stopping by.  I promise I will even get back to The Farmer’s Daughter.


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