Hey y’all.  Is everybody ready for Christmas?  You have the tree up and  it and the whole house is decorated, all your shopping is done with the gifts wrapped and under the tree and you’ve even done some of the cooking that you could prepare ahead of time?  Sounds great doesn’t it?  You would thing since I’m retired that I would have all these things done.  And you know what?  I sort of thought I would too.  I even planned to be more ready for the holidays this year .  Not!!!  I still have to decorate the tree and only half the presents are wrapped (because I had them wrapped at the store when I purchased them.) 

     I even promised to do more writing on my current manscript but I haven’t done that either.  Oh, it isn’t writer’s block because I know what I want to say and where the story is going.  I think it is called LAZY!  Honestly, I’ve just taken up too much time enjoying my back porch while having a cup of coffee and watching the wild animals that come to visit and eat the food I leave for them.  Come on, it is winter and it is hard for them to find food else where, right?  Anyway, the last couple of weeks it has been too cold to sit out on the porch, yes even in Florida, brrrrrr. I know, I know it is not as cold as up north but listen if it drops below 60 I’m grabbing my heavy coat.  So… instead of sitting on the porch and watching the animals I sit at my dining table and look out the big window and watch them.  This retirement thing is great!!  But I promise you and myself that I will do better after Christmas.  I will make myself get on a schedule and finish that novel that everyone is asking me about and then start another one.  But until then, relax, kick back and have a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, warm apple cider, whatever and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  God bless.

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