Made It Through Christmas


     We made it through Christmas and all the parties with just a little wear and tear.  It seems we have been going non-stop for the last two weeks.  Not only did we have Christmas but our only grandson was Christened on Sunday.  Let me tell you, he was not a happy camper when the priest put the water on his head.  But he made it through and was very good for most of the service (which was about two hours long)   but at the end he got fussy because the service was cutting into his nap time.  He pretty much keeps himself on schedule.

     Now that Christmas is behind us and we start thinking about the new year if you are like me you are probably asking yourself what resolutions you will make.  One thing for sure; I plan to work harder on my manuscript and get it out of the way so I can start a new one.  I plan to treat it more like a job and less like a hobby.  I also plan to be more faithful to this blog and try to put out a new post at least once a week.

     I got this trial Adobe Photoshop (for thirty days) and I’m trying to learn it.  There are some very neat tools if I can just get how to use them stored in my head.  If all goes well and I learn how to manipulate the tools I just might treat myself to the real program. In the mean time I wanted to say Happy New Year and God bless.

Please come back soon, you hear?


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