The Price of Progress

     Last week I went on a ride in search of abandoned buildings to take photos.  There is one particular house on the main street of Thonotosassa that has stood empty and is slowly falling apart and I wanted to get a photo of it before it becomes history.  After taking that picture I saw this lovely little house close by.  It seems to invite someone to move in and love it.  Then I just drove around in the country and found several places that are interesting and has so much charm and personality.  These wonderful places are being torn down and huge mansions, that have about as much character as a hangnail, are taking their place.  It is a shame.  So many of the new homes look just like the one beside it.  Would I feel this way if I could afford one of the mansions?  I believe the answer is “yes.”  I prefer the older homes with personalities and stories they could tell if only they could talk.  I suppose some would say the new homes are progress but what a price for progress.  Are we losing our individuality in order to keep up with society in general?  I think this is a good question to ponder so I’ll think about it.  In the mean time I will keep searching for the interesting old places and keep taking photos so when they all become history at least their memory will mean something to someone.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back soon.


5 responses to “The Price of Progress

  1. I love your pictures, imagine what history they would tell if they could. I live in a new development and miss the personality and charm of an older neighborhood.

    All the best to you!

  2. That area is very rural. Nice shot!

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