Obeying God

          Frist let me make a note to my regular readers.  I’ve decided to try to do two posts a day.  My morning post will be more like a devotional.  Well at least it will be my take on what I learned from my morning devotion.  The evening post will be my regular blog. 

This morning I read Acts 1:6-8

     When Jesus told His disciples to go and spread the good news to all the world do you think they balked?  Do you think they whined saying they didn’t know how or they were too busy?  No, they took the task to hand or we would not have the gospel today is my belief.  Now we can’t all be ministers or Sunday School teachers but we can all share our stories of the wonderful things God has done and still does for us.  We can be a witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Now you might say that you aren’t educated or you don’t know who to tell or where to start.  Don’t worry!  God has given us the Holy Spirit and He will tell you what to say.  And God will send the listner.  When you talk be willing to share our Lord Jesus Christ.  Trust me, when you do this God will bless you beyond your wildest expectations.

Thanks for stopping in for a cup of coffee this morning.  I will see you later for my evening blog.

God bless.







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