The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine On Tampa Bay

     Hey y’all,

     Come on in, sit down while I get you a nice hot cup of coffee and then we’ll chat.

     I was going to write about something else this evening but since it is such a nasty, misty day here I’ll save that subject for another time.

     Most of the time we have absolutely beautiful weather in Tampa Bay; the reason so many people move here.  But now and then we have days like today.  The sky was gray and overcast.  We had a nice rain this morning, which we definitely need, but for most of the day it has just been misty.  I had to run a couple of errands and missed my beautiful blue sky.  But we must accept the gray with the blue.  I told myself that this is nice for a change.  The buildings did look pretty standing in the mist.  I believe no matter what kind of day we receive it is a gift from God and we should accept it for what it is.  This is unquestionably a good day to settle in with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate (with a huge marshmallow on top) and read.  So that is just what I did after my errands.  I even took a nap, which is one of the benefits of being retired.

     Tomorrow we should have our blue sky back although the temperature is supposed to only get in the 60s.  I’ll accept it for what it is and think of the people up north who would most likely welcome a beautiful day with blue skies and the temperature in the 60s.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back soon.

God Bless.


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