How To Bless Others

       Often when we hear someone sneeze we will hear another person say “God Bless.”  I wonder if they really know what they are saying.  It is a request for God’s favor.  Some just say “Bless You” with no thought what so ever in what they are asking.

     We can bless others in different ways.  We can give them money or what ever it is they need.  But I think the best way to bless another is to pray for them.  And when we pray we should be specific in what we are petitioning God for, not just a casual “God bless so and so.”  In other words, we should give details of what we are praying about,  For instance if we’re praying for someone a better means of transportation instead of saying “God please give so and so a car?” (Because God might reply “They have a car.”) We should say, for example, “God please give so and so a new Honda Civic that is a good, reliable means of transportation.  We can even go so far as to name a color.  Trust me, I have and God has given me exactly what I ask for.  Then when that person receives what we have asked God for we recognize it instantly.  And another very important thing to do then is to thank God and give him praise and glory.  I actually start thanking God for my request the minute I make it because Jesus said “If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”   (Matthew 21:22)

     Another good rule of thumb I’ve found is to keep track of asked and answered prayers.  It helps to look at that list and say “Wow, look what God did for me!)

     Remember that God is good all the time.

God bless you, please stop back by soon.


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