Believing Even in Difficult Times

     Being a Christian does not mean that we will never have problems or difficult times.  When we are going through difficulty we might feel like God has taken His hand from us or that He has turned His back on us.  He has not and He never will.  God promised that He will never leave or forsake us and God does not lie.  We are facing these problems for a reason.  It could be that God is helping us mature so we can be someone He can use to carry on His work.  At other times we might be under divine discipline.  Yes, I said discipline.  God loves us and we are His children and just like any good father when we get out of line God does discipline us.  And still there are times when we bring the problems on ourselves but we want to blame God for them.  No matter which might be the case we can always be sure God is with.  So when we face these difficulties the best thing to do is ask God what is going on and what He is trying to show us.  Remember God will always answer an earnest prayer.  It might not be what we want to hear but He will answer us.  We are told to be joyful in all things but it does not tell us that we have to be joyful for all things.  So we absolutely should be thankful no matter what is going on and above all remember that God is in charge.


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