Do You Remember When

     I took this photo several weeks ago and had all intentions of writing a post about it several times.  However, other subjects seem to get in the way.  You know what they say about good intentions any way.

     When I saw this old drive-in movie screen, close to Mulberry Florida, it brought back so many great memories.  I’m not sure if they had drive-in theaters up north but they sure were popular in the south.  When I was a small girl on Friday or Saturday night my parents   would get my sister and me all ready for bed then put us in the back seat of the car and head out to the drive-in.  It was a fun time.  Momma would make popcorn and hot dogs at home and we brought them along with us.  We would have a cooler of soft drinks in the back floor, and she made ice tea especially for me because I prefered tea to sodas.  Our parents had to pay to get in but kids under twelve got in free, one of the reason we were allowed to go.  There were rows and rows of parking spaces facing the screen;  with a pole holding two small speakers separating every other spot.  The speaker pole stood between two cars once they were parked.  The driver would roll down his/her window and hang the speaker on the door so everyone in the car could hear.  It always seem to have a tinny scratchy sound but we did not mind because we didn’t know any better.  In the summer when the mosquitoes were bad you could buy a small coil that you would light with a match and put on your dash to chase the mosquitoes away.  The flame would die down and the coil smoldered filling the car with a smell that stunk to high heaven. But your momma always insisted you have one in the car.  On Saturday nights they usually played a double feature but kept the best movie for the last.

     The last row way back in the rear of the parking is where the older kids parked so they could make out.  Their windows were all steamed up and everybody knew there was no movie watching going on in that car.   You never wanted your parents to find out you parked back there because if they did you were in deep trouble.

     Oh the memories that one old theater screen can bring to mind.  It was a different age and some say a better time.  Who knows?  We all make our memories as we travel through life and I hope most of yours are good.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back soon.


3 responses to “Do You Remember When

  1. We have a drive-in theater in our small, Upstate NY town of Elmira. Love it!

  2. Yes, the drive-in theaters, they sure do bring back some fond memories, and you telling about them took me on a journey back in time. Not sure about today but a couple of years back there was one in Fort Stewart, Ga. and one near Dothan, Al.

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