Simple Joys

     Yesterday another blogger told about the birth of her granddaughter and of course I thought of my precious grandson.  He is such a joy.  It doesn’t take much to make him happy; his pacifier, teething ring or a walk outside.  He absolutely loves to be outside and this brings me so much happiness since I am a nature person myself.  I have great plans of teaching him to appreciate the beauty in this world and ignore the ugliness.  If we all took lessons from small children and were contented with the simple things wouldn’t like be so much better?  We worry about keeping up with the Jones and truth be told they are trying to keep us with us.  Why should we waste our days closed up in some office or other job working our fool heads off to buy things?  If we look around we will probably realize that we have all we need.  Do we really need a bigger house with three or four guest rooms.  I mean, come on, after a few days all guest get on our nerves no matter how many bedrooms we have.  It is great to entertain and welcome others in our home but I think they would enjoy the visit better if our house was actually a home and not a show place.  I love going to visit someone when I can look around and see board-games they played with their children still off the shelves or maybe the paper is sort of scattered on the easy chair and the magazines not completely aligned with the edge of the table.  You can see that they actually read the paper and magazines.  It is clear that this house  is a home where a family live and enjoy each other’s company. 

     I’ll leave the perfect rooms to the pages of some magazine or designer catalogue and I’ll live in my house, thank you very much.  You might find a cup in the sink, or cookies cooling on a rack on the counter.  We might even just rinse all the breakfast dishes and leave them for later while we take a nice walk or play with our grandson.  We will be living our lives instead of pretending and we will be enjoying the simple things.

Thanks for stopping by.


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