What is Your Influence

     Our circle of influence might be small or it might be huge but either way we all have an effect on others.  They watch us to see how we will handle ourselves in certain situations.  Yes, some are hoping we will fail to act in a Christian way.  But others are watching to learn what to do should they face similar circumstances.  We need to hold firm to our Christian values and principles.  Like Daniel our actions determine the outcome.  Oh, we might not persuade kings or people of great power but again we might.  The person watching might only be a child (our children or grandchildren, who in my opinion is more important than men of power.)  Only God knows who He has allowed to cross our path and why He did so.  No matter who is involved we should stand firm on our convictions to God.  It was Daniel’s convictions that determined his behavior.  He knew it was wrong to eat meat offered to false gods.  He did not act in a harsh way and simply refuse to eat.  He was humble and asked the guard to test him by letting him eat vegetables for ten days.  We can be humble and still stand firm on our principles.

Thanks for stopping by.  God bless.


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