Sweet Memories

     My son took me to San Francisco, one of my dream cities to visit.  What a wonderful city.  I loved the housed they call “The Painted Ladies.”  We were even able to see the Golden Gate Bridge which is more often than not submerged in fog.

     We took the ferry out to Alcatraz, another of the places I’ve always wanted to see.  I was shocked to find some beautiful flower gardens there.  But then, you must remember that the guards and their families also lived on the island.  A ferry came every morning and took the children to the mainland so they could attend school and it returned them home in the evenings.  Hmmmmm one way to escape?  Maybe not.

     The prison itself was creepy to me.  When you see those small cells and realize that men lived in them for years.  Yes … yes … I know they deserved to be there.  But what if some didn’t?  What if some were innocent of the crimes of which they were accused?  Something to ponder but really not worth the waste of time; guilty or innocent it is all history now.  If you get out that way it’s an interesting place to visit.

     While there we also took a day trip  to Carmel.  Now that is a beautiful little town.  It is quaint and yet has a flare of modern.  If I ever get rich enough I think I might like to live there part of the year.  And then there’s Pebble Beach; another dream place to live! My son, an avid golfer, loved that golf course.

     I am so blessed to have two sons and we enjoy each other’s company.  God smiles down from Heaven and gives us more blessings than we have room to hold.  Just a thought but instead of looking at your troubles look around and start counting the blessings God is giving you every day.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

     Thanks for sharing my memories.  Until next time stay safe and may God bless you.


One response to “Sweet Memories

  1. I could relate to your visit, to Alcatraz…..my hubby, and I went about 20 years ago. The ride was cold, and to know people, lived there, yes, in prison, was sad, disconcerting. Thanks for your thoughts….

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