I went to visit my other son in Dallas, Texas.  Is there any other true Dallas?  Of course if you go to Dallas you simply have to visit South Fork.  Now I know if you are over twenty you remember the television series “Dallas” and South Fork Ranch. That was a show worth watching.  It kept us glued to the television on Friday nights.  Poor infamous J.R.; you just had to love to hate him.  We spent one whole summer wondering who shot J.R.

     I couldn’t believe that I was on the actual ranch where the show was filmed.  Yes, I was surprised by some of what I saw. I won’t reveal the secrets because that would spoil it for you if you get the chance to visit.  But trust me it is a must see if you get out that way.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that is certainly true for the Stampede Sculptures.  Another must see if you visit.

Now one can’t go to Dallas without seeing where President Kennedy was assassinated.  The building is there and you can look up at the window that the shot came from.  I’m telling you once you’ve been there it’s easy to believe the second man on the knoll theory.

     This son is a history buff.  He and I both absolutely love to visit museums.  We went to several while I was there.

     I had so much fun on my visit and can’t wait to go back.  Yes,Dallas is a wonderful city but I believe ninety percent of my joy came from sharing what I saw with my son.  God truly blessed me with two of His very best.  He gave us His Best in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who could ask for more?  And then when it came to children I believe He picked my two sons just for me.  They have always been a joy and a blessing.  I enjoyed them as babies, little boys and teenagers.  Now I enjoy their company as men and I’m so proud of the men they grew into.

     If you have children and grandchildren please, don’t think of them as a burden or a chore?  Spend time with them having fun even if it is something as simple as a walk or a trip to the park.  When you take walks enjoy the world through their eyes. Remember everything is new to them even what we call ordinary.  Children are precious rare gifts loaned to us by God so treat them as such.

     Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time stay safe and God bless.


One response to “Dallas

  1. I always say Dallas is a better place to live than to visit. – I’m glad you had such a good time during your visit. Hope you get to come back, the city does have a lot to offer.

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