Precious Memories


     God blessed me with four sisters.  Betty Jean, the one closest to my age, and I were very close.  Momma said at times she was afraid we were too close.  If one of us got sick so did the other.  We had so much fun and got in worlds of trouble.  Oh, it wasn’t trouble like young people get in today. 

     For example:  When I was about six years old and Betty Jean ten some how she got a cigarette and decided we should try it.  Believe it or not I didn’t want to. After all I was still Momma’s baby.  (I’m the youngest of ten children.)  But Betty Jean insisted so I went along with it.  We almost choked our fool selves to death trying to inhale; coughed until tears ran down our cheeks.  When we finally stopped coughing she said “We can’t let Momma smell this on our breath if she does we’ll get a whipping.”  And let me tell you when Momma gave you a thrashing you knew she had been there.  It wasn’t a few patty pats on the bottom.  She had a switch and when she swung it would wrap around your legs like a whip.  So to save our legs Betty Jean decided we must each take a huge gulp of turpentine.  Yes, you heard it right, turpentine.  If the cigarette didn’t choke us her remedy was sure to do the job.  That swig almost took my breath away.  Even then I would have probably been all right with it if Betty Jean had not proclaimed in her know it all voice.  “Now if we die they will never know what killed us.”

     That did it!  My fear of death was worse than my fear of a whipping.  I started to wail.  No not cry but bawl.  Needless to say Momma came running.  After I blabbered that I didn’t want to die and she finally got the whole story we got our legs tanned anyway.

     Everyone said Betty Jean and I must be joined at the hips because we were always together.  But the truth be told she was terribly shy and talked me in to doing things she was too bashful to do alone.  We loved each other so.

     Like all young girls we grew up and got married.  Both of us moved to Atlanta.  The trouble was we lived on different sides of the city.  So instead of seeing each other every day we only got to visit once or twice a week.  That was enough because we both were adults and had responsibilities.

     Then we moved!  She went northwest to Alabama to where her husband grew up.  And I moved south to my husband’s hometown in Florida.  We were sad and missed each other so.  Instead of once or twice a week it was now down to a visit once or twice a year.  Thank God for the telephone.  We called often and usually chatted about any and everything for at least an hour at a time.  That telephone was our lifeline and kept us connected literally.

     A couple of years ago Betty Jean went home to be with the Lord and I miss her like crazy.  But I know it isn’t forever.  When God is ready I too will be called and we will be together once again.  Until then I’m thankful for my precious memories.

     God was generous when He gave me Betty Jean for a sister.  I count her one of my many blessings.

     If you have a sibling be thankful God loaned them to you.  Please spend as much time as possible making memories with them.  You won’t be sorry.  I feel sad when I hear of siblings who aren’t speaking to each other or argue and don’t get along.  I know what they are missing and I think, “I wish my sister was still here we sure wouldn’t be fighting.”  But it is what it is.  If you are estranged from your siblings call them and apologize.  Oh, I know it might not have been your fault but it doesn’t matter; call them anyway.  Remember God did not promise us tomorrow.  If you put it off you just might miss out on some good times and memories.

     Thanks for stopping by until next time stay safe and God bless.


One response to “Precious Memories

  1. Marcie Ann Curby Green

    Aunt Gwell,
    Please keep in touch with me on I really enjoyed the blog about Aunt Betty Jean on facebook. I like to read things about the family, but as you know in your heart of hearts, Aunt Bootsie was like our Mama. She fed the neighborhood kids down on “The Creek” for many years and raised three marvelous kids in the Lord. She had three of her own and about a hundred or more kids that just were.
    I miss you and wish that I could see you and Aunt Rosie more than what I do. Call Bobbie Jean often to let us know how you are.
    Love, hugs and kIsses,
    Walk in faith in Jesus’s steps

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