Does Success Make Us Care Less


      I believe that God gives each and every one of us a talent with which we can be successful and make a wonderful living.  However, He left it up to us to discover what that talent is and to fine tune it to the point of success. 

     Having said that, I believe that Danielle Steel’s talent is her writing of romance novels.  The woman is awesome, most of the time.  Yes, you did catch that, most of the time.  At the present I am reading her novel “44 Charles Street” which was released in 2011.  It is a total disappointment.  This would be a GREAT novel if instead of telling the story she showed the story.  Isn’t that what we learned in writing class, to show our story?  This novel seems to be written by an amateur.  I kid you not.  Thank God I borrowed it from the library and didn’t spend good money for it.  If you haven’t read it please, don’t waste your time.

     I asked myself as I’m reading, and oh yes I will finish it, that’s just a fetish of mine I finish what I start, is someone else writing under her name?  I know that some great novelist have done that and I guess it is all right if the writer understands he/she will get no credit for the hard work.  And yes, while writing a novel is fun it is also very hard mental work.  I know because I’ve published two, not in Danielle’s league but still published.

     Do we get so successful that we no longer care about the quality of work that is going out with our name on it?  I certainly hope not.  Maybe when I reach that stage I’ll feel differently but for now I’ll carefully critique my work and I will still make mistakes but they will be my mistakes.

     Okay, I got that off my chest.  Thanks for stopping by and until next time God bless, keep writing and enjoy life.


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