If you have ever taken a class on writing then you have heard “You must show not tell your story.”  So you think Piece of cake I can easily do that.  What are you writing if you think showing is a cake walk?

     If we want to have a dream of a chance for our novels to make a best-selling list we have to do more than just show.  The audiences today and probably yesterday as well, demand more.  They want to be in the moment!  They want to feel the laughter and pain.  So how do we put them there you ask.

     We use all of their senses.  They not only want to see, they also want to feel, touch and smell.  First we have to learn how to do this.  I suggest that you get several best sellers in the genre the same or close to your manuscript (checking them out of the local library will save you money) then not only read them but study them.  Look at how they move from scene and how they capture the reader; how they encourage them to turn the page.  Now you will have a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.

     We put our audiences in the scenes.  We bring in the smells, the sounds and the taste.  We let them hear the white noises that we hear and see every day.  But we must do this without our reader being aware of the white noise just like we usually don’t notice them but the noise is still there.  They want to smell the exhaust from a bus without it hitting them over the head.

     Yes, of course we must show not tell but we have to do more than that.  As we develop our skills we will write best sellers and enjoy the trip as well.

     Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time take a few minutes and make yourself aware of the white noises around you; the hum or a refrigerator, whir of a ceiling fan, a dog barking in the distance.  They’re there and we must include them in our scenes if we want our scenes to be real.  God bless.


6 responses to “SHOW DON’T TELL. YEAH RIGHT!

  1. thanks for the beautiful, helping post.

  2. Wonderful advice! Thank you!

  3. Lovely post. Atmosphere, a useful reminder if we predominantely attend to only one sense. During a sabattical film degree-course I was blown away by digital sound recording techniques. The background soundscape of a forest could pick up a beetle crawling over a leaf. Turning the recording backwards created an alien jungle 🙂 No sound – and everything is dead, which is why the first movies were accompanied by improvisations on the piano.

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