Vibrant Colors


 May 2015 048

Today the post is supposed to be vibrant colors so I hope this photo will suffice.  For a couple of years I’ve wanted to plant a mixture of seeds in my yard and this past spring I took the rotor-tiller and made the area.  I sowed wild seed mixed with annuals and the result is above.  I called it my meadow.  I was able to enjoy the brilliant flowers for the whole spring and in to late summer.  Yes, of course I collected seed.  Now I can repeat the process but of course not in the same spot (the soil needs to rest.)  In the fall I harvested seeds then pulled weeds and grass, used the rotor-tiller with full intentions of spreading compost and giving this area a break.  The rain came for several days and when I was able to get back out I found new seedlings peeping out of the ground.  Needless to say I did not disturb them and soon had a new meadow which I enjoyed until almost Christmas. The soil is now resting and come spring I will plant my meadow in a new place.


4 responses to “MY MEADOW

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  2. beautiful flowers… such a vibrant feeling they give… I wish I could have them too… ❤

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