I guess we are all tired of hearing about the hurricane Irma.  I know I am but I will put out this one more post on her.  The people on the West Coast of Florida were the perfect definition of “waiting.”  We were told it would hit here… then that it would not and so forth and so on so we waited to see what out future in this beautiful state would hold.

     Then she came at us with all of her fury; tearing roofs off buildings and ripping giant trees out of the ground roots and all and smashing some houses.  Some areas it look like a war zone.  And that wasn’t enough she had to bring rain, rain and more rain.  Many homes are still filled with water with the banks of rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds gushing out of their banks and destroying whatever is in their paths.  A lot of people are going through this with no electrical power.  So many of our beaches are a mess and crews are working hard for long hours trying to get them usable again.

My favorite Coquina Beach has fallen Austrian Pines every where.  The trees and picnic area was one of the things that made this my favorite beach.  You have seen a lot of my photos that was taken there.


I was blessed at my house.  Sure I had damage but it was minimal compared to so many others.  The trees that fell missed my house and shop even though they crushed some of my beautiful flowers.  The flowers will grow back and if not I’ll plant more. I had six papaya trees just loaded with fruit and Irma took two of them so I was blessed to still have four.  I never lost power the whole time.  So God has His mighty arms wrapped all around me.


Sept 2017 019After


BeforeSept 2017 015After


My yard was a mess but we’ve been chipping away at cleaning it and it will happen.  There are a lot more photos of the mess but this will give you an idea.  I’m just so thankful that we didn’t have any damage to our home or shop and we are all safe.

Thank you for stopping by please come back soon.  Until then you know where to find me; in my yard clearing the aftermath.

God bless.




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