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January in Tampa Bay

     The temperature was in the 70s in the Tampa Bay area this afternoon so my husband and I decided to take our precious grandson for a nice walk.  He is ten months old and such a happy little guy it is hard to be down in the dumps when he is around.  Being our only grandchild you can imagine how much joy he brings us.  Anyway, the sky was a perfect blue and not a cloud in sight.  We walked beside the lake and sat in a swing to watch the ducks.  The fellow in the photo above was also enjoying the perfect Florida weather. 

     Looking around at all the beauty it is absolutely impossible for me to understand how anyone could say “There is no God.”  God has given us so many wonderful things and all we have to do is take the time to stop and enjoy them.  Yes, I do understand that in this harried world where we live it seems everybody is dashing here and there without a minute to spare.  But I believe there would be less stress and unhappiness if we would all stop for a minute and look around us and appreciate the magnificence that God has provided.  Give it a try.  Look around and see how much beauty and good you can spot then take another minute and thank God for them.

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