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     This beautiful hen belongs to my next door neighbor but thinks she lives in my back yard.  I’ve tried everything I can think of to discourage her…well you wouldn’t say her visits because she now lives in my yard.  At dusk my husband and I have watched her fly to the top of the privacy fence then ascend to a branch of the Laurel Leaf Cherry tree.  With perfect balance she walks up slowly and jumps to higher branches until she hides herself among the leaves.  It is a wonderful sight to see but…

     I have a compost pile she has decided is her buffet and she loves to scratch in my garden and flower beds for the big fat earthworms that aerate the soil.  When I see her hunting I chase her away but she has more patience than I do.  I have a safe trap that my husband sets to catch unwanted varmints then he trucks them to safer (for us anyway) habitats.  I’ve tried to lure her to this trap but she completely ignores it.  She is one smart chick.  When time comes for me to do my spring planting of my annuals I’m afraid she will eat my seed before they can germinate.  It is not that my neighbor is uncaring because he too has tried to capture her so he can put her back in the pen where she belongs.  He has other hens as well but this is the only wild girl.  I have three hens of my own and she walks around their pen clucking to them but I can’t trick her to go inside.

     I suppose when planting season comes I’ll just have to put out enough seed for her and myself.

     Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back soon and if you have any ideas of how to get this girl out of my life I would like to hear them.  Oh no!  Not chicken and dumplings.