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 Recently our son gave us a book “A Land Remembered” by Patrick Smith.  I know he has excellent taste in books so I was eager to read it.  Well let me tell you he was right on the money again with this novel.

     In “A Land Remembered” Patrick Smith makes the history of Florida come alive.  He shows the story so well that you are there experiencing the cattle drives and the hard times and good with the MacIvey family.  It grabs you in the first couple of pages and keeps its grip to the end.  Wow, what a story-teller.  Once you read this novel you will look at Florida with a different perspective as you drive through the state.  While I think it is well written and a great novel I believe that every Floridian should read it.  I hear that some schools in the state have included a revised edition in their required reading list.

     I usually don’t read anything historical or any where close to it but I tell you when you read “A Land Remembered” you don’t feel like you are reading history.

     Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, get the book even if you check it out of your local library.  I know you won’t be sorry.  If you have any novels you fell in love with and would like to recommend I read please feel free to tell me in a comment.

God Bless.

INTO THE FREE (novel review)


I’ve recently read “Into the Free” a novel by Julie Cantrell.  I highly recommend this book.  It is a great read.  Cantrell holds your interest from the first page up to the last word.  It is a Southern Drama about a young girl’s struggles with life.

     Thanks for stopping by.  This is just my thoughts this morning. We expecting  thunder storms here in Florida today so I might not get back on the computer until they pass.  I usually never go on my computer in bad weather.  I will try to get a regular post up when the weather is better.  Have a great day and God bless.


As I have said before, so many times that by now you probably know it by heart, I’m an avid reader.  I have to read!  If I didn’t have a book I would probably read labels and the small print on a toothpaste box.  I prefer reading to television.  You can blame my sister, Roser Lee, for this habit of mine.  She read to me when I was so small she could wedge me between her side and the arm of the chair.  Classics like “The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come” were what she poured into me instead of fairy tales or Mother Goose Stories.  I grew up in a small town with an even smaller library and I bet I read every fiction book in that place before I moved away.  In the summer when other kids were out swimming and enjoying the beautiful, hot southern days I was in the house with my nose stuck in a book.  So I feel qualified to give my opinion on novels.

     I’ve just finished “Stolen Prey” by John Sandford.  I believe I have read almost, if not all of Sandford’s “Prey” novels.  He can really spin a tale.  I’ve watched Lucas Davenport develop his detective skills and grow his family over the years.  This character almost seems real to me.  “Stolen Prey” is a wonderful, well written novel in a style that is strictly John’s.  If you want a good read without all the erotica then I recommend his novels.  I suggest you start with the first of the “Prey” series and watch Lucas develop from novel to novel.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

      Thanks for stopping by and until next time keep reading and remember you don’t have to be a great writer to be an avid reader but you must be an avid reader to be a great writer.  God bless