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Is Being An Author All In The Mind

     You can call yourself an author even if you have never published one single word.  But does that make you an author?  I suppose in this world where we live you can call yourself anything you want but it simply does not make it true.  Then I ask myself “Where does being an author begin?”  It does not start with education because you can spend years in school studying the art of writing and still not put a story to paper.  I believe being an author starts in the mind.  I know it did for me.  Even when I was a little girl I wanted to write novels.  I was and still am an avid reader which I think is important to being a good writer.  You can be a reader without being an author but you can’t be an author unless you are an avid reader.  My love for the art grew in my heart and mind.  True, then you need an education so you can prefect the art but it must first start in your mind.  The plots for my novels start in my mind then grow in my heart.  I know and love my characters which I also feel is important.  I’m so excited about the Southern Drama I’m working on but I’ll leave that for another blog.  I want the world to know the people in my novels.  You can’t just sit down and write a novel; you must think about it.  You must glen every bit of knowledge you can about the people in your novel.  And where does that knowledge come from?  Your mind, no one else can give you the answers.  So, being an author is all in the mind.  Some say it is a lonely career but it is also exciting to watch your novel take form and grow as your characters become real to you.  If they aren’t real to you, trust me, they won’t be real to you readers.

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