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Why Do We Write

  I’m alive and kicking but the weather we’ve had the last few days left me with no desire to be on the computer.  I preferred to sit on either my front or back porch and watch the leaves shiver and the wind make the huge limbs dance.  It is an awesome sight and very peaceful.  I also love to sit there and watch it rain.  True every now and then the wind would whip a mist my way but that’s a small price to pay. But now I’m back in the office.

     The manuscript is going well.  As a matter of fact so well that I was up until five o’clock this morning working.  You know how those days are when everything is falling right in place and all the characters are taking over and showing you what they want to do and how they want to act.  You keep working and completely forget about time.  This is one of the reasons we write.  Oh yeah, we also enjoy the other times but there are times when I just can’t seem to get it right, when I want the character to do what I want him/her to do instead of what they would usually do in said situation; times when I try to force the story.  Let me tell you those are not fun and you darn well know how much time you have struggled.  But we keep writing because there is something deep inside that tells us to write and we can’t resist.

     When did you realize you had the “Writer’s Bug?”  I was still in middle school and I knew as sure as I was born that I had to write.  Granted what I wrote back then wasn’t even good enough to be called trash.  But I kept at it and as the years passed I got better and better.  Then I got married and had two wonderful sons and caring for my family pushed my writing to the back burner.  But the desire was still there.  Once you realize you have the bug it never leaves.

     I was and am also an avid reader.  As I’ve said before I believe you don’t have to be a writer to be an avid reader but you must be an avid reader to be a good writer.

     I believe God gives each and every one of us a talent then He leaves it up to us to find and perfect it.  My talent is writing and I thank God for it.  I’m still working on the “perfect” part but I’m enjoying the trip.

     These are my thoughts for today.  Thanks for stopping by and until next time keep writing even if you are in the slump period.  We must take the bad along with the good.  God bless.

Path to Tomorrow’s Memories

          Thank God I am over the SNAG and back on the path to finishing my Southern Drama manuscript “Tomorrow’s Memories.”  (Of course we know that my agent might have me change the name in the end but that’s it for now.)  It felt so good to sit at my computer and work for hours yesterday.  No, I probably won’t write 100,000 words in a week like Emily Guido (you should check out her blog at http://emilyguido.com).  I found it interesting. 

     Now I just have to set my schedule so I get in my gardening (that’s my psychiatrist.) I love being out there just me and God.  I talk to Him a lot when I work.  Anyway, back to the schedule, I need my time for the gym and of course my writing.  I figure it is just a matter of planning to get everything in.  I know I used to write when I worked a full-time job.  Of course I didn’t work in my garden as much.  What ever!!  The main thing is I’m back and I’m excited about it.  The characters of Tomorrow’s Memories were glad to see me.  I am now on a roll and can’t wait for everything to come together.  Yes… yes I know, after it is written there will be rewrites on top of rewrites but don’t remind me of that now, just let me bask in the fact that I am over the snag.

     Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time stay safe and keep writing.  Remember only writers truly understand writers. My husband said he doesn’t know if you have to be insane to be a writer or insane to live with one.  Whatever!  God bless.

Am I Lazy or What


     I need to vent a little tonight.  I’ve been working on another Southern Drama manuscript for what seems like forever.  I know exactly where it is going and the ending.  My problem is I can’t make myself sit down and work on it.  I make all kinds of excuses.  I go on a trip to take photos or I work in my yard. I even write this blog.  I stooped so low that I read another book.  I have notes all ready to start another manuscript but I refuse to do so until I finish this one.  Why can’t I finish this novel?  What in Heaven’s name is wrong with me? 

     Writer’s block?  I don’t think so because I know what is going to happen.  The characters are calling to me. 

     If it isn’t pure laziness in its purest form I don’t know what it is.  I’ve prayed about it and I feel that God would never have given me this desire to write if He didn’t want me to be an author.

     Am I afraid I’ll be a failure?  That this novel won’t sell?  Maybe that’s it.  But we all know when we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard that this is not a millionaire’s career.  Oh it is very true that some have made it big but more have not.  So we don’t write thinking we’re going to get rich we write because we have to write.  There is something in us that won’t let us quit.  So why isn’t that something working for me right now?  I think about the characters and I know them so well and I plan what will happen but I just can’t make myself take the time to put it on paper.

     Okay, enough of the whining and having a pity party.  I need to quit this and work on that.  If what I write isn’t good enough I can always take it out and write again tomorrow.

     Thanks for listening.  Until next time stay safe and bear with me, we’ll have a new Southern Drama soon.  I wouldn’t mind if you whisper my name when you say your prayers. Thanks.