Novels by Gwyn Curby Godwin

A small Southern town can be an ideal place to
grow up, but it can also be harsh and
unforgiving.  There a person is known by their
heritage, and Diella Duet’s was not one to be
proud of.  She was born poor white trash with a
mother and grandmother of unsavory
character.  The kids at school would never let
her forget  where she came from and where, in
all probability, she was headed.  Their taunts
stung and brought tears to her eyes, but added
determination to her soul.   
In Defiance of Destiny we actually see and feel
the neglect and abuse through Diella.  We
experience the fear of being molested and the
dread of it happening again and again.  We
see the strength it took to live through these
horrors and actually defy destiny.  But then fate
dealt one final blow that almost robbed her of
the will to live.

Money can’t buy happiness and Amanda Cruz
is the perfect example of this. She is still reeling
from the death of her parents in a fiery plane
crash.  Now the late night harassing calls have
convinced her that her abusive ex-husband is
responsible. During their marriage he made it
perfectly clear that he married her because of
her money and the prestige her maiden name
carried. He continually let her know there was
no love involved.  She is the sole heir to her
father’s billions and feels Michael is trying to
drive her mad so he can have control of the
money.  She plans to beat him at his game and
change her power of attorney.  But is she too
late?  Someone stole her sweet baby girl from
practically right under her nose. Who?
Boss Man wants him to kill Shelby Cruz but the
kidnapper has his own agenda for stealing the
little girl.
Randall Barfield and Manuel Henderson, two of
St. Lucie County’s best, are assigned to the
case.  With no ransom note or phone call they
fear the worst and rush against time to rescue
little Shelby.

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  3. Hi Gwyn…Write on and thanks for the ‘follow’!

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